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Daytime running lights

What is daytime running light?
An independent light function especially for the traffic situation during the day(low beam,high beam etc.)

What are daytime running lights?
A signal light that produces daytime running light in compliance with ECE regulation 87.

Is daytime running lights prescribed by law?
No,only driving with lights on during the day is required in some parts of Europe or recommended(e.g. in Germany).

For which vehicles is daytime running light available?
There are universal solotions available for almost all standard passenger car types. In some cases,vehicle-specific systems are also available.

Is driving with the lights on during the day the same thing as daytime running light?
No. The use of low beam or fog lights is not an equivalent replacement for the daytime running light function.

Does fuel consumption increase through the use of daytime running light?
In comparison to low beam, the increased consumption caused by daytime running lights is not measrure using measruable using current meauring methods.

Are daytime running lights ¨C switched on during the day-better than low beam headlights?
Yes, daytime runnign light is perfect for use during the day. Low beam has been optimised for use during twilight/darkness.

May daytime running lights be used in countries where driving with the lights on during the day is obligatory?
Yes, unless the use of low beam is explicitly required by national regulations.

How does daytime running light work?
When the ignition is switced on ,the daytime running lights are switched on automatically. As soon as the ignition is switched off or the position light is switched on, the daytime running light is automatically switched off.

Can the bulbs be changed?
That depends on the system used.. the systems where bulbs cannot be changed usually have a significantly longer service life.

Are service parts available for daytime running lights?
Yes, a replacement bulb does not usually cost much more than a good bulb for the low beam, yet has a significantly longer service life.

Are headlights already available with integrated daytime running light?
Yes, in some Audi A6 and A8 models.

Is it not sufficient to switch the headlights on during the day?
Yes and no, it is a step in the right direction, of course, and better than driving without any lights on at all. Special daytime running lights and considerably superior, however, both in terms of the energy balance and detection.

How long does the installation of daytime runing lights take?
Between 1 hour (Golf V with a bespoke set) and 3 hours for a universal set. (Always clarify this with the garage in advance)

Are there differences in quality with daytime running lights?
Yes, in the signal pattern and the bulbs used, or the LED technology used respectively.

How long do the bulbs last?
Up to 1,000 hours when a H6W bulb is used. Up to 3,200 hours when a special 16W bulb is used. Up to 10,000 hours with LED solutions.

Are daytime running lights available in other countries as well?
Yes, everywhere within Europe.

What exactly is the difference between daytime running lights and auxiliary lights?
Auxiliary lights have an active function, whereas daytime running lights have a passive signal function.

Can I use fog lights as daytime running lights?
This has been planned for a transition perild in some countries at least. In terms of efficiency, however, this solution does not match the use of low beam.

Are daytime running lights available for motorbikes?
No. in this case, driving with low beam is required or recommender at all times

Does daytime running light not lead to motorbike riders being ˇ°overlookedˇ±?
No. The detection of motorbikes is not being reduced, rather the detection of other road users are increased.

Are daytime running lights in blue also available?
No, With future LED versions a similar light colour to Xenon headlight will be achieved. But this will still be within the white spectrum.

Will I be seen better if I use daytime running lights?
Yes, there is currently no better option available for driving in daylight

Can I use daytime running lights as fog lights as well?
No, daytime running lights are not suitable for the projection onto the road of active light that can be directly used by the driver.

Are daytime running lights resistant to gravel impact?
Yes, to the same extent as all standard headlights. We use cover lenses made of polycarbonate. These are more robust than glass cover lenses.

Does the daytime running light set include relays and cables?
Yes.All sets include cables and brackets. In the case of our LED daytime running lights, the relay are integrated.

What tools are required for DIY installation?
That depends, but the tools required can usually be found in a well-equipped tool box.