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led door light

LED shadow light car LED door light led logo light

Detailed Product Description 

1. Voltage: DC 12V+/-10% 

2. Size: 40mm*20mm 

3. Emitting color: Green, blue, red 

4. Power: 3W and 5W can be choosed 

Hot product! Car shadow light. 

As the decoretived shadow light, when you stop the car, shadow could be showed on the road. Bring more driving fun to drivers 


1. Environment friendly and power saving. 

2. Durable and non-fading brilliant beams. 

3. Elegant exterior packaging 

4. Power Cable Length: 

Light for Power cord: 2.0Meters 

Light for control wire: 4.0 Meters 

5. Designed for auto modification fancier. 

User Manuel: 
1. This product is specially designed for auto modification fancier; We purpose to bring more driving fun to drivers; 
2. The product can be installed at the body kit, chassis or other suitable place; 
3. Special design cause the product with strict waterproof and thermal performance, which will make sure the normal service in various harsh environment 

1. Make sure the position for installing, It can be installed on the coaming and chassis or other right position; The best projection distance is 30Cm for the projection light. 
2. Fixed the stand of the projection light on the Car with a screwdriver. 
3. Adjust the lamp holder to the best position. Tighten the fixed-screw at the bottom of the light cup. 
4. Connect the power cord and remote control according to the installation guide. 


1. We strongly suggest installing this product by Professional Automobile Modify Factory or Workshop. The manufacturers disclaim all responsibility for belongings or personal casualty caused by improper installation or misuse. 
2. Our company does not responsible for the legality of installing this product, please confirm with the vehicle management department for the record before installation; 
3. Please access the positive and negative poles of the power through voltage regulator rectifier. Do NOT direct access to car battery.