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Fashion E90-6W BMW Angel Eyes Marker

LED Angel eyes marker

Product Description
E90 6W Angel Eye

Here we have our latest addition to our product range these 6 Watt Version of OEM replacement markers are the best on the market, ours are genuinely the only ones you need, NO OBC Errors, NO FM interference, great quality and from an experienced BMW aftermarket specialist Alltronix Ltd, we know what the public needs and we supply it at rock bottom prices for the very best quality available, dual LEDs for ultimate brightness and twice the power with 6watts.

Known to fit: -

BMW 3 SERIES E90 E91 Saloon & Touring 2005 Onwards with OEM Angel Eyes

Mostly the angel eye marker bulbs were included on factory xenon equipped cars only, so if you have a halogen based car these will not fit, it is easy to check that your car has the OEM bulb by first making sure you have factory xenon D1S bulbs and then secondly by checking underneath the headlight inside the engine bay and if you reach down and feel for a small box approx 100mm x 75mm in size with a smooth rounded front it is most probably where your OEM bulb will be, if you dont have this box you will not be able to change to this to a marker LED.